Recommend New Golden Goose Women Superstar Sneakers

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Put on new shoes when it is always afraid of it will be tedious, carefully after being covered with a shoe after your heart must be very uncomfortable, but after wearing for a while, you will gradually find that the feet of this pair Shoes, really dirty it is beautiful it If there are so many brands for our planning out of the real wear and fashionable GGDB Golden Goose Womens small white shoes, then the following to say that the planning of small dirty shoes even more pleasing.


Say Golden Goose V Star before we first talk about its founder Caesar, when you will understand why there will be a small dirty shoes. On the right side of the figure where the beard uncle, right, that is, who looks unkempt uncle he is a planner. As early as 2000, he founded the Golden Goose Deluxe Brand (GGDB), brand personality is also attributable to freedom with the nature, love ye ye cool cool feeling.


Remember that year, "Star you"? Eh, with the number of fire brand, we do not see the drama is a fashionable single show ah. Korean drama that is the magic, and now more fire this "sun heirs" Song Zhongji to wear GGDB Golden Goose Outlet small shoes Oh.
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In addition to the hit drama, you can also shoot in these stars of the airport street, Instagram or daily wear look to see small dirty ggdb superstar shoes figure. Such as small fresh meat Li Yi Feng, Li Minhao girlfriend Pei Xiuzhi, Li Minhao girlfriend Pei Xiuzhi also uncle Jude Luo, "Iron Man" actress Gwyneth and so on. No matter how expensive, really wear, good deployment is king, you guess how? Small shoes can be a variety of personality, whether it is skirt or pants, choose it right!