Recommend New 2017 Golden Goose Francy Sneker

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Has been 15 years of fashion history of the Italian high-end trend of the brand Golden Goose Deluxe Brand (hereinafter referred to as GGDB) in the full of hope to log into China's Shanghai, today (January 10) in the crowded crowd Hang Lung Plaza Plaza 66 Open the store. GGDB in the first store in 2017 election in Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza opened mainly shopping mall image and brand tone of the perfect contact, not only the emergence of unique product features, but also hope to pass a technical aesthetic attitude to Shanghai's vast consumer, In addition to the stars in China and South Korea favorite superstar shoes series, the 2017 spring and summer will be the latest popular products into the trend of Shanghai, fashion trends with the world design zero time difference. This spring idea comes from the western coast. All series runs through the California air, to create a smart and sophisticated charm of the characteristics of women. In addition to preserving the original retro Golden Goose Francy retro, but also the use of modern and innovative fabrics, blending the fashion elements.


GGDB Golden Goose Outlet to contact the Italian traditional sewing and art technology in many brands ingenuity. The title of the creative from the Aesop's fables in the famous story "under the golden eggs goose", the golden goose can think that the brand brings good luck, Deluxe word is also more than the usual cognitive dazzling, but focused on Designers Francesca Renaldo and Alessandro Gallo spouses from all over the world to learn from the creative experience with the invention, each consumer can through the GGDB products to understand the fine traditional culture of Venice blend of new things on the sophisticated things and energy.


GGDB Golden Goose Womens contains the trend of clothing and casual footwear, the Italian trendy and luxurious traditional technology dripping. Each season the designer will appear to the consumer of the famous craftsmen of Venice and perfect selection of the new book, including a complete bag, belt and jewelry series. And its popular footwear products is from the brand classic cowboy boots fortune, follow-up to produce a variety of styles, including high heels, sandals, boots and so on. In 2007 when the brand developed a series of casual shoes, that is, the recent fashion in China is a popular, widely sought after by the trend of the "small dirty shoes." This product completely changed our rigid image of GGDB, the "leisure" into "fashion", its common retro personality and technology, let it become a new indicator products and models. In 2009, due to Francesca and Alessandro spouse affected by the birth of her daughter, the brand has also increased the series of children's shoes. GGDB quarterly continue to announce a variety of different colors and raw materials style, widely praised by the market and consumers.