Cheap Golden Goose Francy Womens Sneakers Sale

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Milan, Italy, a pair of seemingly unobtrusive worn shoes can be sold for 3,000 yuan, or even tens of thousands, in the eyes of some, it is simply crazy, especially in the Nike, Adidas and Valentino brands such as the two sides Pikes the field of shoes, is already a Red Sea, such a small but expensive shoes, how to sell? However, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand is relying on high-priced "dirty shoes" in which opened a different path.

"The Golden Goose Womens was the first brand to upgrade shoes from street to luxury and changed the way the fashion world sees such items," said Roberta Benaglia, its chief executive. The brand messaging department has strict rules, emphasizing that you can not write only the first two words, because the meaning of "Deluxe Brand" is the essence of its success.


For consumers who love the Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, their "dirty shoes" are far more than just the expensive "Converse," but each one is a unique, handcrafted luxury. Specially worn shoes have taken the high-end Italian soft leather, give it the texture and comfort through the traditional process, and then through hand-brushing, color and waxing to deliberately the retro effect, and the previous hot "small White shoes "very different, but there is a carefree cool. "Dirty and nice," said one shoe lover at Tiger Poke Forum: "Feel like a rock star who is both rich and cool."

"Nowadays, the market regards us as the leading brand of luxury street style because we have created a 'casual' brand name not only in this category but also in the shoe market as a symbol of relaxed elegance and casual luxury, Benaglia said: "Perhaps today there are some luxury brands, over-exposure in the messaging and retail, the risk is to become a high price of daily necessities. Golden Goose Francy Women restrained, never overexposed, in terms of sales channels Very picky, this is the luxury for us today. "